Bill Smith's Consecutive Scoring for a Higher Average DVD

Bill Smith's Consecutive Scoring for a Higher Average DVD

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The latest endeavor by Bill Smith “Mr.3Cushion,” to raise the awareness and importance of position play in the modern day game of 3 Cushion Billiards is a 120 minute DVD.  This DVD is a compilation of video starting positions melding with narrative diagrams to instruct the player how to take advantage of some of the most common positions on the table.

The DVD will take the viewer thru a progression of  starting positions which increase in their difficulty, to allow the player to accomplish a realistic opportunity for “consecutive scoring”.  Each starting position will enable the player to make runs of 3 or more.  The secrets Smith exposes are how to recognize the correct shots to start the possibility for consecutive scoring.

There are 12 chapters, starting with, Big Ball Positions, Small Ball Positions, Short Angle Positions, Thin Ball, 4 & 5 Cushion, Reverse English, etc., they contain over 50 starting positions to reveal 150 shots or more to “Consecutive Scoring for a Higher Average.”

The game of 3 Cushion Billiards is a game of memory, the player has to first recognize, and then remember every aspect that goes into executing a 3 cushion billiard.  This video will give the viewer that opportunity thru visual and audio instruction of the correct starting positions.  With this valuable information the player will realize a notable increase in their overall average, which Bill Smith’s work is committed to.
“Good shooting and good billiards.”