Willie Jopling's Ultimate One-pocket DVD

Willie Jopling's Ultimate One-pocket DVD

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I have secured copies of the late, Willie Jopling’s rare, Ultimate One Pocket instructional DVD. It is no longer being published. The lessons were originally shot for VHF and were later formatted for DVDs.
It is a two volume set that originally sold for $79. The disks run about 2 hours each for a total of 4 hours. Very good stuff. Much, much, information. Willie himself is very dry in his presentation, and borders on boring, but if you can stay awake, what he has to say and show, is gold for any one pocket player, beginner or advanced.
My opinion: The best one pocket instructional DVD made so far.


Watch Video clip of Willie running 8 and out.(available on bankingwiththebeard.com)

I think the original price of $79 is a little high, so I am discounting them for $49.95.