World's Best Pool Rooms Past and Present

A very happy photograph of Freddy the Beard with his granddaughter, Francesca aka "Ceca" at Red Shoes Billiards. I'm so glad both his grandkids were able to experience spending time at the poolroom by his side as I had as a kid. They loved joining him at the pool room and the generous staff there treated them like royalty. My father claimed that wherever he was playing became the spot because he was "the magoo." This was certainly true of The Billiard Cafe on Irving Park Road in Chicago where Efren Reyes landed when he got here to watch and learn from him. Red Shoes was the last room the Beard hung at and won often. Young kids were honored to play with and glean knowledge from the Beard. As was his nature, he almost always brought a plate of food for the Houseman. Everyone at Red Shoes delighted in his stories and tried to capture the unique euphemisms that he coined or had learned as a legend hustling pool on the road.- C.B.A.

Red Shoes Billiards

12009 S Pulaski Road

Alsip, IL 60803


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