"Bugs," Leonard Rucker

"He ducked no champions, but many champions ducked him. If you were foolish enough to play him a short set, like two out of three for all of it, nobody outside of Cornbread Red and Ronnie Allen could handle that kind of pressure like he could.

When Bugs played Minnesota Fats in Johnston City in the early '60s, Joey "The Cincinnati Kid" Spaeth was staking him. A great player himself, Joey did not often back other players. However, Spaeth had just come from Chicago where he had the misfortune to have played Rucker. While there, Joey instantly became a convert to the Bugs Rucker fan club. In a game of One pocket, with Spaeth only needing one ball to win, and everything seemingly out of play, Bugs banked all of the remaining balls into his pocket to win the game. Eight-and-out into one pocket! Joey had never seen anything like it before, and I personally have never seen or heard anything like it either." - Freddy the Beard, The "Encyclopedia" of Pool Hustlers