Eddie Robin and his collector's item books

Eddie Robin is the author of three beautiful hard cover books - Position Play in Three Cushion Billiards(1979),

Winning One-Pocket (1993)

As taught by:

Jack "Jersey Red" Breit

Ed "Champagne" Kelly

Grady "Professor" Matthews

Leonard "Chicago Bugs" Rucker

Bill "Weenie Beanie" Staton

Eddie "Knoxville Bear" Taylor

Shots, Moves and Strategies (1996)

As taught by:

Marshall "Tuscaloosa Squirrel" Carpenter

Steve "Cookie Monster" Cook

Shannon "The Cannon" Daulton

Jimmy "Philadelphia Flash" Fusco

Bill "Pittsburgh Billy" Incardona

Larry "Boston Shorty" Johnson

My Dad, Freddy the Beard contributed to the one-pocket books and I have signed copies. If you or a friend have a copy of one of these tomes of knowledge on one-pocket and billiards, cherish them as the collectors' items they are.





"he asked me to send him a signed testimonial that he really did beat Bugs, Mexican Johnny, and Don Willis at the Golden Eight Ball.  I sent it, but of course, I didn’t include any provisos re the equipment." - Freddy the Beard "The Encyclopedia of Pool Hustlers"