The World's Best One-pocket Player by Freddy the Beard

An excerpt from The World's Best One-Pocket Player (from The "Encyclopedia of Pool Hustlers")

"Efren became the world's best One-pocket player rather quickly. I say quickly, because he had accumulated zero One-pocket knowledge or experience in the Philippines. I can say that with impunity, because when Efren and I started playing One pocket, he knew so little that I had to play him 10 to 8 at the Chicago Billiard Café --and that was after he had already won the Nine-ball tournament at Red's in Houston. Of course, that spot did not last long.

Efren learned the game of One pocket from (fellow Legend) Billy Incardona and me. Efren and I played daily. Incardona, who spent a lot of time around Chicago then, played him sporadically. Later, I even made Efren sign a statement that he learned One-pocket from playing with me. In an article in Pool and Billiard magazine some years ago, he specifically stated that he learned One-pocket from Incardona and me.

Efren and I played and gambled almost every day for over a year. I quickly determined that he was some kind of a pool savant. While we played, I realized he was draining info from me at an amazing rate.  Nobody could stop that guy from learning." - Freddy the Beard

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