Hague 5 Anniversary inspired by Freddy the Beard's Derby City Poem

Hague 5 25years
Wrote this with Pepijn de Wit:

It was 1994, March 4
when the Hague’s first pool club opened its door.
It started out with five, 
but soon after, the club took a dive, 
deep it was too, 
So they decided to continue with two.

On the second floor six tables were found,
a place where people got homebound,
unwilling to leave,
the sound of pool balls being the only thing to perceive.

Let’s start to name Gary, the thirsty Brit
For many years Hague 5’s biggest hit
Sjaak Kort showed how to rock the game
how good he could play, that was close to insane
van Gelderen, Hoogendijk en Batis came to represent
but the Rotterdam-guilders proved misspent

Lamboo from Leiden came to try his luck
But Superschnitzel and Plague got this Wildebeast stuck
The Duijvestein brothers, Andre, Maurice and Salimin too
for a game or a drink always something to do

Frenklin Reisner honing his skills on the break
Ruysink could still give him the 7, make no mistake
Of all the poolhall-junkies, mind you
They surely broke most shafts in two
Behind table 6 was Grunewald counting to 20 so loud
his pupil Feijen doing pushups, making his trainer proud

Cannabinoid awareness has always been high
for a breakthrough pool-theory no soul in there was ever shy
it’s not sure that they always made sense
but the urge to unravel was very intense

Tromp and Herben, boy could they shoot
late night hours, oh so often they took the loot
Rachid Bouhaddane the first predator in the Hague
the real deal...moved round the table like a Saudi Sjeik

But don’t think it was only about the game
hardcore on and off the table, all the same
what did we hear often around closing hours?
when people believed to have superpowers?

We gaan Door!!
freely translated in 
We want more!!

Mounira, Gilbert, Jeroen, Schedel and Mo
are names that we all praise to know
Campi, even Mike and Aswan
all first time followers get their place in the sun
Morawek, Krens, Elfried and Bas
names that remind us of how the beginning then was.

Bram and Sander joined Grunewald’s crew,
training the new hungry few
Pepijn, Harvy, Jelle, Stefan, and Davy
youngsters making established players shaky.
After training, Arthur forgot his eyeglasses,
at his late night returns beer always passes.

Years later Rolf, Same, Jelle, and Pepijn joined forces, 
giving eachother bank pool courses.
Friday night’s ring games became famous,
not tolerating any soft shooting gayness.
The harder, the better,
the rest did not matter.
He is going for gold! 
A 4-railer they told.

Tim De Ruyter and others have tried, 
oh boy, they have cried.

Sunday night 8 o’clock Sanne would come in,
Looking for a game of one pocket to begin.
Everybody could not help but wonder, 
which cue he brought to plunder.

5 years ago, two became three,
Slick Nick was added to the family tree.
Hip and trending the club became,
Hague 5 was thriving on its self proclaimed fame.

With the certainty of leaving many people out,
We will go ahead and give these regulars a shout.

de Taat, Elfried, Michiel and Govert-Jan Vos
Chicken Bob, Anand, Marnix, and McGyver Bas Bost
Shanna, Erroll, and Roy
Howard, Tjeerd, Billy, Crazy Chris and Kim...a joy
Arrekel and Opa Ronald what can i say
both pool wizards in a very contrasting way
if the Arruk starts boozing, you better pray
Karin, Marlies and Paparazzo Fred
for a pic to go viral he’s your best bet
Dylan, King George and Coffeeshop Sven
as said in the good old days:”in de Eggegezen”.

Cruz and Niem an honourable mention
they give every foreign champ a chunk of tension
Lefty Tara a future champ
maybe together with Iggy and Ishem.
Van der Poel, Maaike and Benno get a shout
all the named people: the Hague 5 crowd

Angela and Steven,
in any discipline they will play you even.
It’s all out of love for the game, 
never once for the fortune or fame. 
To say these two are heartwarming is nothing but fair,
100% passion and unconditional care. 
Hague 5 25 years 
We Gaan Door!

Hague 5 25th anniversary poem 
Inspired by Freddy the Beard’s speech at the One Pocket Hall of Fame dinner 2013
Written by Pepijn de Wit and Alex Lely