Keith McCready - Star of The Color of Money and Hall of Fame Member 2018!

"Keither with the Ether"

Los Angeles, CA - Child pool prodigy and pool monster

"Keith, as a 12-year old, was playing in, and sometimes taking off, the super-tough Pay-ball game at Verne Peterson's poolroom in Bellfower, CA. He was playing against the best players in the world. Periodically, he would win so much money that he once went into gym class and asked the teacher to hold his bankroll while he undressed for gym. He handed that teacher about $14,000 in cash. The teacher panicked, went directly to the principal, and Keith got suspended. After that, Keith stopped gong to school and started sleeping in the poolroom.

Keith was bull-headed and unflappable. Sharking and slick conversation had zero effect on him. Barrages didn't scare him off, either. I once beat him 11 in a row playing Banks, and couldn't finish him off. Racetrack Phil gave me $400 to play $200 a game Bank pool --two barrels. Keith had just got done playing Banks with Piggy Banks, and Bugs Rucker--and he beat both of them. He played Piggy even, and Bugs played him 8 to 7.

Keith is like a wounded bear--you've got to kill him or he'll kill you."

- Freddy the Beard Bentivegna, excerpt from The Encyclopedia of Pool Hustlers