Lee Brett of American Hustler beats Larry Flint

World level pool player, APA instructor, snooker champion and Freddy the Beard student Lee Brett recently won a court case over his American Hustler apparel trademark. Larry Flynt, who owns Hustler magazine and nightclubs was defeated. Quite an accomplishment!

American Hustler is popular among pool and poker players and is about to be relaunched. The original run of shirts sold out in Las Vegas 3 years ago.

Lee stayed with Freddy in his famous basement in Chicago which served as a training facility, a bed and breakfast(you always got fed and had a place to sleep at The Beard's house) and a make shift pool and billiard museum on its walls. The Beard also gave Lee his pool nickname!

Lee's  best-selling and highly acclaimed instructional video, The Art of Pool, is available for sale on freddythebeard.com.

Lee plans on being one of the most recognizable brands in the sports industry with American Hustler. Please support his hard work and passion for hustlers everywhere. Freddy the Beard is pleased to announce we will be a Reseller!

Stay tuned!