The Dutch Voice, "The Billiard Brothers."

  1. The Billiard Brothers

A group of three Russian players go by the name The Billiard Brothers. They are young, fearless, dedicated, and addicted. That’s pretty close to the definition of ‘monsters’. There is one in particular who’s horrifying. He shows no emotion, plays like he’s twenty years older than he actually is, and has one of the straightest and controlled strokes you’ll ever see. His ease is intense. He was calm as Sunday, but so eager to perfectly execute his shots. That’s what stuck with me the most after playing against Fedor Gorst last weekend. The 17-year-old world champion 9-ball under 19 Fedor came to Hague 5 together with Andrey Serosthan and their coach Johan Ruysink. The reason for their visit? To play one pocket and banks as preparation for the Derby City Classic. They aren’t able to practice the game at home. On the one hand, it made me feel proud. This is what I, and others in our community are doing it for. I want international players to come to Hague 5 to play one pocket and for us to be the market leader in Europe. On the other hand, I want to inspire players such as The Billiard Brothers to promote the game themselves and for them to be able to play one pocket tournaments in Russia. Ultimately the goal is for one pocket to take over and electrify Europe and therefore we need help! A visit from the Russians and Fedor’s deadly pocket speed straight backs on our tables aren’t enough. We need others to join our mission.


Pepijn de Wit