Truman Hogue

Louisville, KY - Bank Pool Hall of Famer - All time great "bump-artist"

While I routinely sought out Bank-pool champions to take on--maybe just for the adventure of it--as is evidenced by the dance card of players I accumulated throughout this book, one banker I managed to leave be was Truman Hogue. I was certainly not going to play him even-up down in Louisville, and the thought of having to ask for a spot was just not in my wheelhouse.

Truman was my kind of guy, cocky, aggressive and fearless. He was probably the most offensive -- and I mean that in the best kind of way -- Bank-pool player of the ages. He would shoot at a hospital ship, and stood up strong for the big cash. All the reasons I could rationalize to myself why I should just be pals with the T-man, and forego the competing part.

Truman's style of bank pool was very intimidating. He hit everything 100 miles an hour and didn't play many safeties. Long hard straight-backs were his specialty, and he would rocket them into the pocket.

I will never forget the first time I seen an 18-year old Truman walk into the Back Room(the Cue Club) at Johnston City, and bark out to all the assembled champions in his gravelly voice, "Any of y'all wanna play a kid some Bank pool?" - Freddy the Beard Bentivegna, The 'Encyclopedia' of Pool Hustlers