USA in the Netherlands May 2018: The Dutch Voice

  1. USA in the Netherlands

That Harley Davidson makes me think about road trips, underground hustling, gambling, unbelievable handicaps, dogging shots, and actually also the Derby City Classic. Today the second One Pocket Series Open 2018 started in pool hall de Distel in Roosendaal.

A white Harley Davidson with orange details displayed behind glass in the middle of de Distel is screaming for my attention. The red and white striped couches and 50s barstools you normally find in what I think is a typical American roadhouse makes me feel like I’m in the States, without the American food and music, though. The old gasoline pumps, mini bikes, the parking lot in front of the door, and playing a one pocket tournament here probably adds to this dreamy feeling creating a need to travel to unknown places in different times. That of black and white pictures of smoky pool halls and men in three-piece suits playing in a betting parlor of a horse racetrack in between races. I’ve always been a mind-traveler and dreamer curious about the unknown, old and new. At the moment three of the four quarterfinals have started. I’m waiting for mine. Staring. Writing. Dreaming. Not thinking about playing one pocket, but about the scene and stories around the game. Oh, and also about my new job as a dealer at Holland Casino. A good moment to put some things on paper and just when I’m writing this I see a player breaking a second-ball 8-ball break during a one pocket match… ah well, seems to fit my thinking pattern of the day.      

 Pepijn de Wit